Sunday, 5 June 2011

Transfer Window

As the end of the football season has ended and Saturdays feel a bit strange, I do take some solace in the fact that the end of the playing season brings the start of the transfer window. And I love the transfer window.

Yes, the movements of players from clubs to clubs (in real life and in FIFA11 - yes, it important to update).is exciting, and yes seeing the ridiculous amounts of money being thrown around these days is mind-boggling (Jordan Henderson for £15 million, you sure?), but for me the transfer window is all about one thing. Rumours.

Don’t get me wrong, I have every now and then had a quick flick through the odd copy of Closer and Cosmo, so a cheeky celeb rumour I do find interesting, but the footy rumours are the ones that really grab me. The amount of people who come out with the most ridiculous links of players to clubs and claim to be ‘In The Know’ is fantastic. If you scour the football forums like I do, you will soon hear the words “from a very reliable source” in your sleep. Where do these sources come from? I have no sources at all. The only sources I have are in fact these rumour mills and I find myself alarmed to sometimes get carried away with them as it is all I have.

I guess that is the wonder of the transfer window. The faint hope that some top quality player will join your lowly club, for example, just a few weeks ago Michael Owen was odds on to join Brighton and also linked heavily to Southampton, from what I heard throughout the story it seemed odds on, it was so much a deal that only the paper had to be signed. He had also ’been spotted in the Southampton area’ and ’had had a meeting with Gus Poyet’ as well as being ’seen leaving St.Marys’ but alas, the man who was surely going to be a Saints player, even though he had featured in a Champions league final just days before then signed a new contract with Man United. Michael, what are you doing matey? Do you not ‘KNOW you had just bought a house down here?!’

Anyway, I look forward to more..

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