Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Welcome to my blog. I don’t really know how to start these things or make a grand introduction so that will have to do I am afraid for the thousands of readers out there.
The large majority of my content on here will be sport related as that is my major passion in life. I guess I have always felt slightly concerned that I really have one major interest in life and that it is something that most consider more of a hobby, something to do for fun, and more of an interest, rather than something academic and that will benefit me in the real world.
It is also slightly concerning that at the age of 22, it might even be possible that I might not make it to the top level as a professional footballer/cricketer. I mean, it is possible the dream might just over bearing in mind Messi is technically the year above me at school and he seems to be cutting it, likewise with Fabregas. Steven Finn played a major part in an Ashes series last summer and he’s younger than me. All the more concerning.
I say I’m starting to consider I might not make it, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from having the odd dream of me scoring a last minute winner in the Champions league for Southampton, or having a great innings in bat against a poor, old bowling attack on a bat friendly wicket and thinking ‘if I just play like that a few more hundred times in a row…’
And that’s just garden cricket.
None the less, I still can’t get away from the fact that at this point in my life, sport as a while really is the main aspect of my life that when I talk, I realise I am genuinely passionate about. Some of my best memories have come from some of my own personal performances in either cricket or football, or the jubilation of watching my teams live or on the TV. I could talk all day about some of these memories and I am sure anyone reading this will hear some of these stories (you lucky things) as well as also hearing about the recent on goings in the sporting world just in case you may not have heard enough about them.
Hope you enjoy them.

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